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on abc2 news at 6:00, which starts now. a 1960 a mother named marlin murray o'hare protested her son to have to read bible verses. more about the prayer in schools. and why annapolis signs for the class of 2012 to change. and the earthquake in japan may have you looking for ways to give. what to look out for to make sure you're not being scammed. many students pray before a big test. there are many prayers being said over the maryland school assessments. when do the prayers become against the law? one baltimore school principal organized a prayer service, that drew criticism from the aclu. abc2 news jeff hager tonight explaining the debate over the separation of church and state.
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>> reporter: for the second year in a row, when faced with taking the all-important maryland school assessments many students at one elementary school and middle school called on the almighty for help. >> we want to get help. >> reporter: the aclu learned a teacher questioned the principal's right to ask her to distribute flyers for the saturday service, it asked the school to stop the practice immediately. >> organizing prayer rallies is not an appropriate role for public school administrators and teachers. >> reporter: aclu attorney david roka points out a copy of the flyer clearly mentions god in references to three separate verses from the bible. >> a prayer service in general is exclusionary not just to those who may the not be christian but those not believers at all. there are plenty of those in baltimore and throughout the country. >> reporter: in some states such a service could be
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considered unconstitutional, supporters say they are surprised anyone would challenge an effort to support the students. >> it's ridiculous, man. what is the city coming to? >> reporter: the aclu claims the school district agreed to stop the practice. from now on it will rely on the three rs of reading, writing and arithmetic to prepare for the tests, rather than a fourth r, religion. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> the aclu says it's not going to pursue further action now that the school has issued a statement denouncing the practice and pledged to investigate the matter. quit yelling at your tv and go to your computer. what do you think? did the principal cross the line when asking teachers to hands out flyers for a prayer service? is there a difference between prayer in school if the prayer service is voluntary and on a saturday? you can leave your thoughts now on our facebook page at
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a 19-year-old girl excited about going off to college in the fall will never get this chance. she was shot and killed yesterday. denise irving was outside of a deli in northeast baltimore when she and two others were surrounded by bullets. denise was killed. the other vix were taken to the -- victims were taken to the hospital, expected so make it. police say she was not the intended start. did not run with a bad crowd. instead she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. her family is asking that somebody step forward and show the kindness that she showed so many. >> she would do anything for anybody. she didn't deserve what happened to her. she would not hurt anybody. >> she would help a stranger. right now we need the same stranger that she would help to help us, because she was only 19. she was not into that life that these girls is in. she was not like that. >> police stepped up pafroals in the waverley community.
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asking to you supply information. call crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. the two american bulldogs that attacked a 7-year-old dundalk girl were put down this morning. baltimore county animal control says it had the consent from the owner to destroy the two male dogs. they will now be sent to a state lab for rabies testing. meanwhile, the little girl attacked may face several surgeries after suffering some severe facial injuries. animal control says the owner will have to answer for the attacks. >> the owner will get dangerous animal violations as well as licensing violations, animal at large violations and menacing for attacking one of the neighborhood dogs. >> these are civil violations. the owner will most likely have to appear at an animal hearing board. as a little kid he used to go with his dead in the severn -- dad in the severn river bridge and watch the blue angels. that thrill will be gone in may of 2012. covering the story tonight,
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that little boy on the bridge, abc2 news' don harrison. >> reporter: for annapolis residents nothing sent chills down your spine like the sound of the blue angels overhead. they will take a break in went to 12. 2012. the change was made to lessen traffic problems, near the memorial holiday weekend. on a tuesday instead of a friday. there was the opportunity to have the flight demonstration team to fly over the holiday weekend but officials say altering traffic during the heavily traveled weekend wouldn't work out. >> the world's greatest show. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: that's the sentiment of most of the people we talked to. >> i think it's unfortunate, it's been here for 10 years. there's nothing like that show. it's the greatest show on earth. >> i think it's one of the things people love to come to annapolis and see the blue angels fly over. it would be horrible not to be
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able to see that. >> blue angels have been sort of a mainstay in annapolis. >> reporter: steve has been a business owner for over 30 years in annapolis. those annapolis businesses will miss the economic influence the blue angels have on annapolis. >> the extra day in the week, when there's a steady influx of people to the community. and it's going to be one that is missed i'm sure by a lot of the small businesses in town. >> reporter: residents and business owners that i talked to said commissioning week won't be the same without the blue angels. many hope that something can be worked out in the future. in annapolis, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> look at don all grown up now. no decisions have been made yet for 2013. requests for air shows that year will be announced this coming december once it's all been approved. we know the names of the 3 -- we don't know the names of the 3-year-old horses yet but we know the names. stars for the preakness stakes.
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bruno mars and train. they are going to perform at the infield at preakness infeel fest. the maryland jockey club also announced you can buy a $20 souvenir mug and get free refills in three areas, including a 160-foot beer garden in the infield, another at the top of the stretch section. on the weather front today we had clouds early on, sunshine in the afternoon. now we're tracking just a couple of showers mainly just south of the state line. let's look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. extended scan mode here all the way down into warsaw, virginia. finding a little rain south of the potomac but for the most part things looking relatively quiet now. passing cloud cover moving in out of the west. clear over baltimore now but the clouds are in western maryland, some on the lower shore. temperatures upper 40s now. so cool but not frigid. tomorrow, a slow climb back to around 52.
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we're going to bring in the showers tomorrow night but that marking the beginning of a big shift in the weather pattern. we talked about that. and a huge warm-up coming up. new tonight, if you want to look younger but you don't want to if under the knife there's new technology that may be just for you. kelly swoope in the interactive news center with the scoop. what is it? >> reporter: we all want to look younger. the promise on the web site, one treatment triggers the body's own regenerative progress of building collagen to lift and tighten the skin gradually. naturally, from the inside out. doesn't that sound great? it sounds great, three women and plastic surgeon checked it out. meet 47-year-old dana ashburn. and 46-year-old karen vasen and young chow, 53. three different women, similar goals, want to look younger but don't want to go under the knife. >> if you're young on the
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inside, i want the outside to reflect how i feel inside. >> reporter: all three are trying out new technology. it's called old therapy. the research on it shows promise to plastic surgeon steve goldman. >> people want to do things that are lower cost, less recovery time. but still show results. >> reporter: he bought the machine with the agreement that if he and his patients don't like it it goes back. >> until i use it on my patients in my office i don't really know how well it works. >> reporter: the machine uses folks cuss ultrasound -- focus ultra sound beams to heat the fat just under the skin. >> it cause as mild burn effect, causes the tissues to tighten. >> reporter: the manufacturers don't claim to deliver results as dramatic as the surgical facelift. >> this is more tightening of the skin by tightening the tissues just under the skin itsive. so it's not shrink wrap. everything becomes more firm and may actually contract a little bit. >> reporter: what is most important though is whether it
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makes the people paying for it happy. there are three patients, that are clear about what they want. >> around the chin and cheek. i want to tighten up around here. >> i think, just making sure that, i'm firming up. >> reporter: because they are the first new patients to try it, dr. goldman is giving them a no strings attached discount. they in turn are willing to give their honest opinions. >> it's really good to talk to other folks that have had it done. >> reporter: here's the link to the procedure. as it says here, no down time and the results are natural. nobody knows i had anything done. just that i look better. what we've done is we've followed the three women through the procedure to see how they've worked out. and we're going to check back with dana, yung and karen tonight for the results, at 11:00 tonight. >> you went for the bubble
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wrap, right? >> yeah, right. >> looks good on you. we'll watch tonight. charity starts taking donations to help with relief efforts in japan. scammers already looking for you. coming up, we're making sure your donations go to the right place instead of a con artist. plus, the day after the plague hit a class full of japanese students came on a plane, to our area. what they left behind and what is going on in their home town. >> the weather front today, 53 at bwi marshall. that is exactly where our statistical average is for this part of march. 52 the 2-degree guarantee last night. no winner -- three degrees off. rain to the west and warmer weather coming up. @h,
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the news in japan gets worse and worse. we're watching hundreds of bodies being pulled off the coastline, officials try to keep that nuclear reactor from a full meltdown. uranium roads were completely -- rods were completely exposed twice. the u.s. navy is moving several ships away from the plant after detecting low levels of radiation. our military is committed to helping japan get through the crisis but trying to find ways to do so without furthering endangering our own forces there. a group of students left the country to come to anne arundel county. a day after the massive quake hit the class of about 2 students arrived here -- 23 students arrived here saturday and taking part in classes at arundel high school. it's a different scene from what they would be dealing with in their home country. right now their school is closed because of the damage. >> even though our area is away from the area, we
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have a lot of confusion, especially in the present condition. >> a lot of students are scheduled to be here through this coming sunday. it may be tough to get to pitch in physically with relief efforts, that's why we pick up the phones and make donations, hoping a bit of cash will make a difference. it might. to scammers if you're not careful. j.c. joce sterman has a warning about how they are using this disaster to fool you in this week's "scam alert." >> reporter: the images are stunning, victims of the japanese earthquake and tsunami that followed left helpless against the elements. at home we're ready to help. if you're not careful though you could be a victim of another kind, that's because natural disasters like this one usually result in a wave of charity scams. the feds started warning about the schemes just hours after the quake on the internet crime complaint center. they started offering tips on what to look for and are putting you on alert because
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they know as relief agencies mobilize so do scammers and they don't want you to get tricked into donating to the wrong cause. here's how many scammers do it. some will set up web sites that look similar to real relief agencies. then they'll send e-mails asking for donations with links to those spoof sites. before you go reaching for your wallet keep this in mind, you should never respond to spam e-mails that claim to be from charities and don't click on their links. if there's a charity you're interested in helping verify they are a legitimate group through the better business bureau, irs or sources like charity navigator. then independently search the web for their web site and make your donations. making sure you understand how much of your money actually goes to the cause. otherwise you'll be opening your checkbook and the door for scammers. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> so be careful with all the links to charities you see as your social networking tool. it's always best to make donations on the web once you've gone to their site
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directly, not by following links provided by somebody else. the internet crime complaint center says you should also be wary of e-mails that come with attached pictures of the damage in japan. some of those files may contain viruses that the scammers use to break into your computer. again, diane sawyer will be live from japan coming up in about 12 minutes. parents should have a final answer on how harford county will redistrict the elementary schools. the vote was scheduled for last month, however, the board made changes, decided to put the vote off until tonight. the changes include the boundary line for two elementary schools. the board meeting starts tonight at 7:00. abc2 news christian schaffer is already there and he'll bring you the very latest updates tonight on abc2 news at 11:00. let's look at the weather out there tonight. i'm enjoying these later sunsets. our weathernet camera taking
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aim at federal hill and finding a breezy night but generally clear skies. 51 degrees, humidity 32% and a light north wind at the top of the hour, just 6 miles per hour. let's look through the day at mount airy. some clouds mixed with sunshine out this way. some high thin clouds late in the afternoon here. nice-looking day. though it's certainly chillier than it was over the weekend. southern maryland, no rain here at chesapeake beach but there was some shower action just south of the state. you can see it here on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. line of showers down here just south of the southern tip of the state. south of california, warsaw, back through the lower eastern shore on the state line here toward like shik teague, virginia. current winds from the northwest, temperatures around 50. 48 hagerstown. 48 easton, 51 at the beach. so markedly cooler than it was over the weekend but a dramatic
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warm-up behind this next weather system. this next system putting down showers, even a little sleet toward the higher elevations of west virginia. the main system still toward the west of us, western alabama, tennessee, kentucky. the whole thing will slowly cross the country but this part of march, sometimes we get into this slower weather pattern. i think that is what we're going to see from this system. behind the system milder air flows in. our futurecast, tomorrow through the day, clouds thicken, could we see an afternoon shower? it's possible. but the primary area of rain will not arrive until overnight tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. looks like it could be a wet wins -- wednesday morning commute but clears out quickly. we're dry by wednesday night. unlike many other storms we've had in the last few weeks this won't be bring colder air behind it. warmer air will invade toward the end of the week. 35 tonight, partly cloudy, it does get chilly by daybreak. 52 tomorrow, mostly cloudy with rain arriving late in the
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afternoon. we could get a little warmer than that but factoring in cloud cover, 52 tomorrow. 44 tomorrow night. rain getting steadier, a quarter to half-inch, should not be enough to produce flooding. 7-day forecast, yeah, we dry out towards st. patrick's day, 65 for all the irishmen and lasts and lads, looking good. over the weekend, 74 friday. got to love it. dry saturday into sunday. so, anyway, jamie, i know you're happy about this. we're all part irish. on st. patrick's day. >> that's right. >> a good one coming. nothing happy about this. we'll be doing this every night at 6:00 on the news about apps for your i-phone and i-pad. what they do, to keep the debt away. you'll like this one. this -- watch this. we're going to towson town center, all right? you ever walk in there -- you are here, this is where you want to go, you got a, b, c --
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i don't know where the stores are. what you do now, you put towson town center in here, abercrombie and fitch, it's there. you are currently on level two, tells you exactly where you are. take me there. the fastest route. it will also tell you where the bathroom is if you have babies in strollers, where is the bathroom, nearest restaurant, nordstrom. it's like a gps in your local mall. type in any mall, the store and you are there. isn't that great? if you have a great idea for an app, send to it we'll be right back.
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set it up. >> good stuff. clouds tonight, we stay dry though. we'll see some showers around here as we go into tomorrow night and wednesday. i think we have the satellite pictures here. but again dry tonight. tomorrow night, some rain moves in but again as we've been talking about all evening long don't worry, weather is going to improve dramatically for st. patrick's day and friday just outstanding day on the way. >> that's nice. we've got a lot of news to tell but at 11:00. and diane sawyer is live next from japan on "world news tonight." see you at 11:00. ów@úso
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